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Hie, looking for custom domain for Substack?

If you are a Substack user then you surely have thought of having a custom domain for your publication. Well sadly Substack does not provide that luxury to you. Get HieFyi and get access to custom domain, CSS, analytics and much more. Here's a demo ↗

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Custom Domain

Transfer your to abc within 10 minutes, the luxury of custom domain is here.

Better Analytics

Love SimpleAnalytics, Plausible, Fathom or Google Analytics? Choice is yours, implement with HieFyi.

Additional CSS

Bored with the current way your Substack publication looks? Take the charge and add your own CSS.

Without HieFyi

The Old Way

Same boring way with no customization.

With HieFyi

The New Way

Supercharged Substack publication.

$100 $59 one-time

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